Psyop Brings Witchy Adventure Thrills to Steam with Camp W

Adventure gaming has been on a decline for a while, but games like Broken Age brought it back to life. After that, remasters of classics like Grim Fandango and Full Throttle have kept it alive alongside sites like GOG bringing classics to modern-day operating systems. Camp W explores a world of magic as you play as a witch making friends and casting spells in the human realm. However here, magic is unusual – so you have to conceal your identity to make sure you aren’t caught practicing witchcraft. Your goal is to make as many quality bonds with your fellow campers as possible – you can try to be friends with everyone, but as with life, going with like-minded people is probably the best course of action. The hand-drawn art is vibrant and the game has been designed for all ages to enjoy. Camp W launches on Steam on July 25.