Semblance Squashes the World With Animated Release Trailer

Slimes are kind of amazing.  They’ve got no legs but seem to be masters of jumping, whether in an adventure like Slime Rancher or more focused platformer like Slime-San.  They can hop around with the best of them powered by overwhelming cuteness, bouncing and dashing despite a complete lack of any locomotive appendages.  Seeing as slimes are generally transparent there doesn’t seem to be much brain inside their heads either, but Semblance demands a whole lot of thought to get past its puzzley platforming challenges.  The world of Semblance is being infected by a growing crystalline plague, turning its soft and squishy landscape into something far harder and pointier.  This is a problem in a land where everything is as malleable as the landscape used to be, so a hero slime takes on all challenges to restore the… um…  orb-thingies that reinvigorate the trees protecting the world, cleansing it of its jagged invader.  The orb-thingies are located about as inconveniently as possible, though, so the slime will need to use the properties of the world to reach them.  Whether it’s bashing a nook into a wall as a slime-hold, knocking a platform into place, or using light-beams to snap the world back into its original shape at great speed and send the slime flying, there’s a way to collect everything somehow.  The game is smart, cute, mysterious, a bit weird, and all sorts of clever, which is a combination of features that’s always worth a look.

Semblance released today on Steam and Switch, and with it comes a launch trailer with a fantastic animated intro.  Check it out below to get ready to feel clever and squishy.