World of WarCraft: War of the Thorns Event Is Live

World of WarCraft’s next expansion: Battle for Azeroth is still a little less than a month away, but Blizzard is already setting the stage in-game with several pre-release events meant to prepare players for what’s coming next. The first of these events, War of the Thorns: Chapter One is live right now and got one of Blizzards trademark trailers to mark the occasion.

War of the Thorns follows the Horde’s march on Darnassus and the Banshee Queen’s campaign to capture the World Tree and use it to her own ends. In this opening chapter of the conflict, it seems as though she’s going to get exactly what she wants, but this is only the opening chapter, and a battle can turn at any time.

This event arrived with pre-launch patch for Battle for Azeroth which, among other things, adjusted the game so that every expansion up through Legion can be played without having to buy the base version of World of Warcraft. User still have to pay the game’s subscription fee, and existing users who didn’t already buy Legion were upgraded for free.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth launches for PC on August 14.