Heading Back to the Stars in No Man’s Sky

To sound exactly like that wonderful Captain America meme/gif going around; so, you’re thinking about getting back into No Man’s Sky? Good news, No Man’s Sky is pretty great right now and despite the rocket practically falling apart at launch, after a few tweaks here a content drop-or-two there, No Man’s Sky is gearing up for it’s NEXT big adventure. No Man’s Sky NEXT follows almost a year after No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises dropped and just like Atlas the NEXT update is just as free. Big changes are coming to No Man’s Sky so let’s go over some No Man’s Sky basics along with some new stuff players returning might not know about.

A lot has changed in No Man’s Sky in the time people have been away and for the better. The consistent updates with content drops have helped keep NMS from being completely devoid of human life, in fact it’s thriving. Like many online titles that lack the larger communities of say a World of Warcraft or Destiny 2, No Man’s Sky is happy supporting the player base that has stuck around through thick and thin, as the NEXT update looms closer veterans of No Man’s Sky are preparing in all sorts of ways to welcome new/returning players back with open arms… or a blaster to the face. The biggest take away from NEXT, the reason players are preparing for new Interlopers (Travelers) is because No Man’s Sky will finally have full multiplayer capabilities. Players will truly be playing in the same 18 quintillion planet universe that they’ve been brushing shoulders in since launch.

Two major players are taking part in getting ready for a hopeful surge of players with NEXT. The already well-established Galactic Hub which has carved out a nice chunk of space for itself in helping new players get their bearings. On the heels of The Galactic Hub is the newly established United Nations Navy eager to make bold claims on galactic domination. These two forces are sure to go toe-to-toe, with The Galactic Hub already putting together the call for a space police force. The addition of multiplayer sure is going to make No Man’s Sky interesting with players now having to not just worry about the Sentinels or mysterious Atlas but other players themselves.

What about that mysterious Atlas though? When No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises released last summer it too added a wealth of content. A big part of the change was making the narrative of No Man’s Sky tighten the weave. There are a few major stories to follow now and all of them are fun seeing through. I personally recommend getting on the Traveler quest line as soon as possible, the story is surprising as it is fun and will introduce some of the new technology new/returning players won’t be familiar with. It wouldn’t be No Man’s Sky without asking those big heady questions that anyone taking to the stars might have. Seeing certain narrative beats come together added a depth to characters and places that were lacking in No Man’s Sky. Polo is now one of my favorite characters, maybe… ever. No Man’s Sky knows it’s playing with big ideas in a big universe and instead of backing away from these points of interest Hello Games doubled down on them and with NEXT they seem to be doing it again. Say what you will about Sean and the launch of No Man’s Sky, but the team has been dedicated to making it the best game possible for anyone who wants to enjoy it.

Are they though?

This dedication in elevating No Man’s Sky to wear Hello Games knows it can shine is seen in every part of the game. The contextual menu’s. The crafting and breaking down of things/resources. Space flight and the dog fights that come with them. Hello Games has just kept adding and adding, with every little edition or tweak No Man’s Sky is only shining brighter. Take the example of the terrain manipulator. Or being able to call your ship from anywhere on a surface. There are entire menu’s dedicated to explaining anything a player might need to know and navigating the menus isn’t a chore anymore, nor is transferring things from one place to the next. Ease of use is what No Man’s Sky wants players to understand, because the last thing a game should be is a chore. It means focusing on the important stuff, like that next mission sitting in the log or collecting on bounties that have yet to get done.

With new players looming on the horizon coming in from NEXT there are certain unspoken features that every player might not know. Home Bases became a thing in No Man’s Sky. New players should know that they can claim certain systems as home as soon as the build a base. Now if another player decides to claim the same system as home (it does happen, sometimes on purpose) don’t freak when you show up and your hard work is gone. It’s not. Load up a previous save, add anything to the base area, and your base will pop back into existence. The No Man’s Sky community isn’t quite sure how NEXT will affect all systems and homes but guaranteed some changes are sure to happen. It was the unfortunate effect of when Atlas Rises dropped, and entire biospheres changed overnight. What was once an Ice Planet had now become a Radioactive planet. What was once an above ground base now could be found inside of a cave. It was a bit silly, but hopefully won’t rub players to wrong that have been putting in the hard work preparing for NEXT.

Soon it won’t feel so lonely out here.

If you’ve been thinking about dipping a toe back in the waters of No Man’s Sky — come on in, the water is fine. The love and care Hello Games has been giving to it’s baby can be seen everywhere in the game. When No Man’s Sky launched it people felt mixed, betrayed or flat out lied too. Whatever one might have thought of No Man’s Sky when it launched it is not the same game that it was, not even close. Instead No Man’s Sky has been only elevated by Hello Games and is sure to keep rocketing through the stars. Hope to see you soon fellow Traveler, but not at the end of your blaster.