Hellblade Getting VR Edition on PC, PSVR Misses Out

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is getting its own stand-alone VR edition, developer Ninja Theory announced earlier today, which will release on both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift next week, July 31 to be exact. What’s more, the game will be made completely free for those who’ve already purchased/owned the game on Steam, though Ninja Theory have clarified that sadly, the game will not be coming to PlayStation’s own VR headset, citing that the game has been built for “very high-end” PC builds. A passing remark stating that players will need a minimum of a GTX 1080 to play the VR version.

As to how the game will work in VR, Ninja Theory have ruled out any form of first-person and/or teleporting-styled navigation that has become pretty commonplace in a lot of VR titles nowadays. Instead, the studio decided on a tilt-like system of movement whereby the player can orientate Senua herself as the world slowly but subtly rotates around you, giving the illusion of full 360-degree control of movement. You can view the official announcement, as well as a brief behind-the-scenes of how the VR edition came into being, in the video below. The standard, non-VR game is available on PS4, Xbox One & PC.