Nature Boy Himself Graces Fans with WWE 2K19 Wooooo! Edition

Bringing the glory of one of the all time wrestling greats WWE 2K19 Wooooo! Edition is bringing Ric Flair to the ring in all his glory. The ultimate WWE superstar package the Wooooo! Edition is sure to bring the glory to any stepping in the ring reliving the super star Ric Flair’s most memorable moments.

This isn’t just a pretty package, players will be able to take on some of Ric Flair’s most memorable rivals including ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Roads, Macho Man Randy Savage, The Undertaker and plenty more. Speaking of all the flair there are plenty of downloadable costumes. The Starcade ’83 Arena. Unique memorable plaques showing off the man himself in one of his many memorable robes. An exclusive Ric Flair Hall of Fame ring. An exclusive Ric Flair Funko. And last but not least a WWE 2K19 Season Pass filled with plenty of downloadable content such as superstars, move sets and more.

With any exclusive the WWE 2K19 Wooooo! Edition will be limited but pre-orders are available now for the games October 5 release on PS4 and Xbox One. See the video below and bring the Wooooo!