Prey: Mooncrash is Feeling Blue in Update Trailer

In it’s second free update Prey: Mooncrash Blue Moon sees a wealth of new skins for weapons, operators, Mimics and much more.

The gift that keeps on giving is Prey: Mooncrash not only a free update to the base game but consistent free updates to Mooncrash, and the year is far from over. In this second update players can expect the following in the list below:

– Kasma Silenced Pistol

– Kasma Psychostatic Cutter

– Kasma Huntress Boltcaster

– Kasma Disruptor Stun Gun

– Wolfenstein Theme Operator

– Elder Scrolls Online Theme Operator

– Bucket Mimic

– Propeller Mimic

If you still haven’t tried Prey: Mooncrash see what it’s all about in the Blue Moon trailer below and get ready to take on challenges that will test ones will more than once: