Salt & Sanctuary Coming to Switch, Releasing Next Week

If you’re fed up with pretty much any and every game that has but an ounce of challenge, difficulty or complete lack of hand-holding, being compared to Dark Souls, the resurgence of a side-scrolling action RPG by the name of Salt & Sanctuary — developed by Ska Studios, originally releasing in 2016 for PS4 & Xbox One and even managing to get a Vita port in March of last year — won’t, on the surface, help counter the common rhetoric on the internet. Fortunately, while it may share similar aesthetics and gameplay to FromSoftware’s series, in its favor, Salt & Sanctuary actually turned out to be a pretty good iteration on this particularly popular form of action-orientated, role-playing combat. With a visual style to match.

Now, it looks like Switch owners will finally get the chance to see what all the fuss has been about as it’s been confirmed that after more than two years — and with a little porting help from studio BlitWorks — Salt & Sanctuary will be making its way onto Nintendo’s platform. The game will be available for the Switch on August 2.