First Details Emerge of Ni no Kuni II’s Season Pass

Just over four months since the acclaimed Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom was released, Bandai Namco have today released the first pieces of info pertaining to what the game’s Season Pass has in store for players in the near future. Starting with the Adventure Pack, which releases on August 9, the game will see two new harder-level bosses added as well as additional floors to the Faraway Forest which, upon completion, will net the party some additional costumes and clothing to keep, as well as the unlocking of new quests upon completion of the game’s story.

But following that, two major DLC add-on’s provide some clearer details as to the nature of what the game’s Season Pass will contain. Starting this Winter, Ni no Kuni II will feature a brand new dungeon aimed at those looking for a harder challenge, though it’s unclear whether this dungeon makes up a greater package or is solely the prime focus of the add-on. Shortly thereafter, releasing early in 2019, an entirely new story expansion will arrive which sees a slew of new gameplay features added — indicating this might in fact be the more substantial of the two planned DLC’s. No release date was provided as to the availability of these two content packs. Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is out now for both PS4 & PC.