Kirby Star Allies Wave 2 Arrives with Character Trailers

Kirby games are always a fun time because he’s just such an adorable, lovable pink blob. But there are plenty of other characters to love just as much! Kirby Star Allies released a few months ago in March and is continuing to receive new content. July 27 will feature three characters joining the fight!

Familiar faces resurface in the form of Daroach, Dark Meta Knight as well as the duo of Adeleine and Ribbon. These favorites return from previous Kirby titles and offer their unique skills to the challenge. Daroach will dash, slash and blast enemies. Dark Meta Knight will counter attacks and slice up anything in his path. Adeleine and Ribbon get creative with flying combo attacks and can bring their art to life.

Each one is highlighted in the videos below. Stay tuned for more Kirby action in the future!