Rainforest Survival Game Green Hell Hits Early Access on August 29

As South Park has taught us in the past, the rainforest isn’t necessarily going to be just filled with pretty flowers, but also some rather horrifying, life-threatening stuff as well. Such is the premise behind Green Hell, the new psychological survival game from Polish developers Creepy Jar. Announced a couple of months ago, players will be able to check out the beautiful yet deadly Amazon wilderness soon, as the game will be entering Early Access late next month.

As seen in the new trailer below, players stranded in the lush death trap will have to avoid predators, gather resources, craft signals, battle insanity, anything it takes to survive and hopefully be rescued. The first version of the game will have one half of the final map, five different hostile creatures, and a “sneak peek” into the story mode. It looks like a pretty intriguing setup for a survival game, so here’s hoping Green Heel makes a good first impression when it arrives in Early Access on August 29.