Sleep Tight’s Launch Trailer Shows Off Some Extra Modes

Developers We Are Fuzzy have clearly put a lot of hard work into their new twin-stick shooter, Sleep Tight, which was released today. And this hard work extends to the new launch trailer that you can check out below, helping players get into the proper mindset of a young kid fending off the monsters that lurk in the closets and under the bed. Additionally, it serves to show off the kind of scenario one may encounter in-game, alongside actual gameplay.

The notable highlight, though, is the montage of additional game modes near the end. Levels shrouded entirely in darkness? Even more ludicrously large pillow forts to fight with? A way to turn the game into a first-person shooter? All included, and they all look to add a good amount of variety. Sleep Tight is available now for Switch and PC, is and definitely one for those who have always dreamed of creating the most epic forts as a kid.