Angels & Demons At It Again in New Third Person Action Title Devil’s Hunt

It’s a pretty safe bet that angels and demons don’t quite get along together, so it would be similarly safe to assume that should a[nother] war break out between the two vast, mythological factions, chances are it won’t be a quiet affair. And this time, it would seem humanity is getting caught in the cross-fire — albeit a lone man by the name of Desmond — in this newly-announced third-person action title, published by 1C Company, by the name of Devil’s Hunt.

Based upon the popular Polish fantasy novel, Equilibrium, Desmond — with the aid of some newly-acquired demonic abilities — must decide the fate of the world by joining one of the two armies in the conflict. It’s the debut title by developer Layopi Games, a recently-established studio based out of the Polish capital, Warsaw. Check out the game’s first teaser to get an idea of the direction the game will likely take and be on the look out for Devil’s Hunt when it releases for PS4, Xbox One & PC sometime in 2019.