Boundless Builds Towards a September 11 Release Date

To say that Wonderstruck’s sandbox MMO Boundless is ambitious would probably be an understatement. Traveling between several voxel planets, players can do seemingly anything they’d like, from creating entire societies to hunting animals and building settlements…or just building massive dolphin statues, as seen below in the new trailer. Said trailer also reveals that the game will be exiting Early Access soon, ready for even more players to come check it out.

As seen in the clip, cooperation is a key factor when it comes to forging ahead in the game’s world, so it will certainly be interesting to see how this massive universe of players gets along. Here’s hoping the game still still looks as gorgeous as it does here once everyone’s settled in, though. Boundless is set for a September 11 release with the Square Enix Collective publishing the PC version, and Wonderstruck themselves handling it for the PS4.