Destiny’s Grimoire Cards Return as a Series of Books

Grimoire Cards have found a new life in the Destiny universe as a series of anthology books.

Grimoire Cards, designed to provide additional insight into the world of Destiny, never made it to Destiny 2. Though players asked Bungie to provide Grimoire Cards in-game, the studio opted to remove them outright. Grimoire Cards may no longer be in the game, but they live on in another form.

The Destiny Grimoire Anthology are a series of books that explain the myths, mysteries, and machinations of the Destiny universe. Blizzard Entertainment helped develop the first volume, Dark Mirror. Each volume focuses on a different facet of the Destiny universe, highlighting legendary heroes, villains, and the greatest moments in the world’s history.

Destiny Grimoire Anthology: Volume I – Dark Mirror launches later this fall for $24.99. The book includes a code for the in-game Destiny 2 ‘Codex Doctrinae’ emblem.