The Siege and The Sandfox Shows Sly Stealth in New Gameplay Trailer

UK developers Cardboard Sword have been working on their 2D metroidvania game The Siege and The Sandfox since 2015, with Chucklefish (who understand the value of a good hi-bit game) coming in to help publish it. And while developer streams have been frequent since then, today we finally received a new trailer for the game (that you can check out below), showing off some gameplay in the vast desert city where our assassin protagonist seeks revenge on those who framed him.

On display here are some amazing parkour and stealth mechanics, highlighted with some incredible animation. Combined with the setting, one also can’t help but get a Prince of Persia vibe, which provides a rather interesting and welcome atmosphere for a metroidvania game. No world yet on any release date or planned platforms beyond the PC, but regardless, The Siege and The Sandfox definitely appears to be one to keep your eye on.