Vampyr Getting Two New Game Modes

On the darker brooding side of DONTNOD’s library, Vampyr will be getting an update later this summer that is bringing two new game modes for more flexible style of play.

Vampyr follows the story of Dr. Jonathan Reid in 1918 London while the Spanish plague ravishes the streets, but that isn’t the only thing lurking in the shadows of London. With the two new game modes players can either go for a more story driven ‘Story Mode’ play experience with the game easing up on combat or for the more hardcore there is the combat experience ‘Hard mode’ where enemies will test Dr. Reid’s metal, drop less experience and forcing Dr. Reid to feed on citizens for actual level gain. Along with the two game modes comes a slew of other quality of life optimization tweaks to get the best Vampyr experience out there.

Vampyr is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One with no official date on the update yet. For more on Vampyr see our review.