Overwatch League Grand Finals Day 1 Recap

It’s all been leading to this. The London Spitfire and the Philadelphia Fusion have earned their ways to the Barclay Center and it’s time to see who’s the best team in the league. The Grand Finals series will be a best of three, with one game having taken place tonight and the other two (or possibly just one) taking place tomorrow evening.

The night began on Dorado, with Philly on first attack. They chose a double sniper, wrecking ball comp, which didn’t work too well against the triple Tank, double sniper fortress comp that London was using. Philadelphia then switch from the Reinhardt/Zarya to the Winston/D.Va that worked a lot better. They struggled at the end, but eventually made it to the finish line.

London came out of the gates on Dorado much stronger. The made their way through the map way cleaner and it looked like they would take the map. Philadelphia had different ideas, however. They switched gears a bit and held strong on the final point. The Fusion were able to hold it down and take the first map 3-2.

Map 2 went to Oasis and was much less of an equal match. Out of the gates on Point A, the London Spitfire took a convincing team fight. They would bring it to 100% quickly, with Profit winning the Pharah v Pharah fight over Eqo. Carpe moved to the Tracer for Point B, which could have done the trick, or so we thought. Philly was only able to get 41% on the point and ended with London taking Oasis.

Eichenwalde was next up, with Philadelphia once more on the attack. The offense swapped Boombox for Poko, giving the Fusion three Tank players and only one healer. This creativity worked out for them on New York in the Semi-Finals, but it didn’t work against the Spitfire. They were only able to make it through the first choke. This meant that London only had to make it to where Philly left off and they were able to do it pretty easily.

Match point took place on Volskaya, and the London Spitfire once again held off the Philadelphia Fusion very well. They were only able to get the first tick on Point B. London had a hard time getting that first tick too, but eventually did.

London has officially taken the first map in the Grand Finals series. There were so many good plays tonight, so if you haven’t, get a look at the VOD on OverwatchLeague.com.

Tomorrow’s game begins at 4 pm EST on Twitch, ESPN and Disney XD.