Number of Video Game Figures and Collectibles Shown at WonFes 2018 Summer

There have already been a quite a few announcements from WonFes 2018. Persona, Kirby and Kingdom Hearts have been covered, but now we’re bringing several other video game characters to your attention. Unfortunately, we weren’t at the event to cover every single thing, but here’s a big taste of what’s to come.


Back in February we got our first look at a Kotobukiya figure of Lillie from Pokémon Sun and Moon. Now, two more trainers are joining the line. Ethan from Pokémon Gold and Silver as well as Lyra from HeartGold and SoulSilver are almost ready for battle. Both of them are in prototype stages at the moment but we already see great details. They are shown wearing in-game clothing, have a PokéGear attached and posed in action. Ethan comes with a Cyndaquil partner while Lyra’s Chikorita is dashing in.

Steins;Gate and Kingdom Hearts

First we get a new look at a previously announced Nendroid figure. Rintaro Okabe is now revealed in his final form. He is shown with a bit of an angry expression but of course that could likely change with different face plates (if included). There is a bit of stubble painted on and he is wearing a lab coat to fit his “mad” personality. No release dates or added accessories have been detailed. Next is Riku, a popular character from the Kingdom Hearts series. His Nendoroid is shown playing with Sora‘s which can actually be pre-ordered. It seems he comes with a wooden sword, perhaps two. Certainly any diehard of Kingdom Hearts will need this Riku added to their collection. Hopefully he is released close to Sora’s date.

Mega Man X and Shin Megami Tensei

The Blue Bomber continues his WonFest appearances. Last time we only got to see promotional artwork of the upcoming Mega Man Nendoroid. Now, we actually see the completed product. He has his signature helmet and blaster from the series. No word on which accessories will come with it but we’re excited to find out. There is another Mega Man X item that was shown. A prototype of Rabbit Ride Armor from Mega Man X2 means it is coming in the future. Surely we will be able to place Mega Man inside or other Nendoroid figures if they fit. The outlier of this group comes in the form of a haunting Shin Megami Tensei character. Jack O’Lantern appears only as artwork in this announcement. Shin Megami Tensei V is in the works which means this figure could be released alongside the new game. We can only hope!

Splatoon 2 and Professor Layton

Now we see a couple of Nintendo characters sure to have fans’ collections looking fresh. During the previous WonFes an Inkling Girl from the first Splatoon received a figma figure. Now, Splatoon 2’s Inking Girl is getting her own and in a cool, new style. She has different hair, gear and comes equipped with Splat Dualies. She is ready to run through The Reef and ink up the place. Professor Layton, the genius detective, is getting a Nendoroid figure. There isn’t much to reveal at the moment because all we got was promotional art. But he is dressed in his classic attire complete with top hat. It does say coming soon which is a lot more of a clue than other products!

Monster Hunter: World

We get to see the final product of a Monster Hunter figure first announced in the winter. Female Hunter in Rathalos armor gets her own Nendoroid. There are spikes sticking out everywhere and that sword will slice any enemy down. But in addition to her comes Female Hunter Xeno’jiiva. She’s just a prototype at the moment but has her face covered and wields a bowgun. Hopefully fans will be able to swap armor and weapons between the two for a fun combination.

Touken Ranbu

The final listing of collectibles comes with a lot of characters. Touken Ranbu started out as a card game but quickly grew to have its own anime series and merchandise. These new items have been shown in completed form, prototype stages and promotional artwork. Scaled figures, Nendoroid and Nendoroid Petites are shown below. Some are even listed as coming soon. Hopefully all you fans will get your hands on these hot swordsmen in no time.