Screenshot Saturday Featuring Witchmarsh, Endling, Levelhead, More

Ah, Screenshot Saturday. That precious time of the week where our Twitter feeds fill up with little snippets of and glimpses into various indie games currently in the pipeline, helping to give them more of the exposure they deserve. And with both Gamescom and PAX West to look forward to in the coming month, odds are that we’re going to see an increase in some rather high-quality stuff as devs prepare for these events, and this week’s offerings did not disappointment. So without further ado, let’s jump right into things…

Endling- A 3D side-scrolling game where you play as the last fox on Earth, attempting to protect your three cubs. It looks to be a particularly gorgeous game with an environmental message, although you should definitely be already familiar with the message that any corporation with a suspiciously friendly name is up to no good, as seen here.

Nimbatus- Construct multitudes of space drones and send them out in order to explore a highly destructible galaxy. And of course, make sure to turn them into what are basically giant laser swords, because…well, why WOULDN’T you want to explore space with giant laser swords?

Witchmarsh- When playing as a group of private detectives in an alternate 1920s who deal with the supernatural, you have to be prepared to investigate some strange things. For example, who were these skeleton in a previous life that allowed for such massive bones? We’re not sure if this 2D RPG will answer that question, but it should at least make for some good combat scenarios.

Levelhead- From the developers of Crashlands comes a platformer where you have to test out the skills of one of the world’s cutest robots by building levels to put yourself and other players through. If Super Mario Maker was any indication, expect some rather nightmarish scenario that encourage insanity, so yeah, best get used to riding explosions.

The Sojourn- Announced just a few days ago, this first-person puzzler has impressed quite a few with its stunning visuals alone, as seen with temple-like structures such as this. Of course, as noted, expect things to go south rather quickly. Tougher on the old noggin than expected, maybe?

Inlight- An arcade-style action/shooter when you off waves of dark forces in order to protect your tribe. It’s another one of those instance where the screenshot is basically a full trailer, but lengthy clips are needed to do intense action and impressive animation such as all of this justice, so I highly approve.

Mesmer- Rain Games are still quite devoted to building the universe they’ve created so far with Teslagrad and World to the West, with a unique strategy game set in the titular French-ish country that’s just days away from a revolution. And while it should definitely be interesting to see how psychic powers and hypnosis play into this, I’m more psyched to see what role blimps with cartoon face play instead.

Candies ‘n Curses- A roguelike arcade game coming to mobile devices about fending off ghosts. Again, it seems like the type of perfectly simple, quick portable game where a five-minute session can easily become a full hour or so. It helps that it features ridiculous cute character designs and animation as well, as you can see here.

ITTA- Sure, this is a twin-stick adventure game with heavy doses of bullet hell, but it aims to have a large focus on narrative as well, chronicling the journeys of our mystery girl and their cat. So indeed, it’s quite important that you present dialogue in the best manner possible. And so far, even with minor issues, it appears to be coming along quite nicely!

Gigabuster- Well, while we wait for a potential Mega Man X9 that was hinted at in the recent Legacy Collection’s soundtrack, will still have promising odes to the franchise such as this to look forward to as well. It certainly has the striking visuals down so far, even if one questions what giant game show wheels are doing in a stock exchange.

Balam- We may have Guacamelee 2 set to come out next month in order to deliver us some Mexican-inspired metroidvania action, but for something a bit more serious in the genre, this game that draws from Mayan culture looks like a possible winner as well. It also evokes Hollow Knight (in more ways than one), meaning we should definitely have something stylish as well.

LUNA: The Shadow Dust- A quirky point-and-click fantasy adventure game about exploring a mysterious tower, the animation immediately grabs your attention here. The scenery and characters also look impressive as well, even if one can’t help but think of Adventure Time when you spot a hoodie such as that.

OddRealm- What might be considered an overused meme to some is just your typical disaster scenario in a roguelike game, especially one about building entire structures and settlements. Now you have to choose whether to just sit around and commit to the the joke, put out the fires, or encourages the chaos by throwing in the outside firewood as well.

The Godbeast- While this one has been in the works for a couple of years, not much appears to be known about the premise for this third-person action game. But hey, one can’t exactly argue with Killer7-esque cel-shaded graphics and some rather slick combat, which definitely appears to be the meat of this promising title.

Tamashi- A puzzle-platformer about creating clones that looks rather nifty, thanks especially to its surreal setting and backdrops, with monochrome graphics to boot. Although one assume is that the majority will walk away from this now with a ton of Bill Cipher jokes and theories instead.