Capcom Confirm Monster Hunter: World Sales Now Exceed Eight Million

The expansion of Capcom’s beloved action-orientated, monster-slaying series, onto home consoles, looks to have been a very smart move. And while we’re more than six months after Monster Hunter: World’s release on both PS4 & Xbox One — releasing on January 26 — the game looks to have only continued the upturn in popularity from a sales stand-point, in the past three month. During a recent Investor Relations, Capcom confirmed that the game has now sold in excess of eight million copies. Or 8.3 million to be exact.

This of course comes days before the game makes its long-awaited entrance onto PC — of which we’re currently underway with coverage to accompany said iteration — so expect that total number to increase evermore. If you haven’t yet ventured into what might be one of the clear highlights of 2018, so far as releases go come the end of December, be sure to check out our review of Monster Hunter: World at the time of its original January launch.