CCP Switches to NetEase Games to Power EVE Online Game Operations in China

CCP Games has partnered with NetEase, the operator of some of the biggest international online games in China. As a result NetEase will be taking over the operations of EVE Online in China beginning this October. EVE Online is in its fifteenth year and has been available in China on its own server since 2006. As this transition of operation occurs, teams will conduct migration of players’ data as well as launch a series of activities for new and existing players. The following is a statement from CCP Games regarding the switch.

“CCP and NetEase share a common goal of commitment to quality and service,” said Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO of CCP Games. “We know that EVE Online fans in China are passionate about their game play, and our unified goal is the least amount of interuption to their gaming journey during EVE Online‘s transition to the new publisher in this market.“

“In this cooperation, and with a spirit of ingenuity, we will implement the needs of players and learn from CCP’s R&D and operation experience in the global game market,” said Ethan Wang, VP of NetEase. “We’re excited to be working together to advance the game experience for all EVE enthusiasts in China.”