Graveball Rises From the Grave Today

Graveball, a zombie sports game created by Goin’ Yumbo Games and published by 3D Realms, launches today. It might be surprising to see 3D Realms involved in anything at all since it’s been so quiet over the past few years, but they are indeed still around. They also seem to have retained their taste for unusual games.

Graveball pits two teams of three players against each other as they fit, kill one another and resurrect in their scramble to either run a skull into their opponent’s goal or toss it through their hoop. It looks like there are advantages to being dead in Graveball. Players in ghost form can move around the field more quickly and can resurrect at any time. However, the only way to access the form is to be killed by a member of the opposition, so players will need to carefully consider whether or not they want to give their opponents an advantage.

Graveball is now available on Steam.