Mario Tennis Aces’ Story Mode Finally Gets a Retry Button in Latest Update

Sometimes the smallest thing can be the difference between stubbornly sticking with a game and leaving it behind after a fit of frustration. In the case of Mario Tennis Aces, that small thing was the lack of a retry option in its story mode. Mario Tennis Aces is an otherwise fun game to play, but having to sit through Toad’s pep-talks after each attempt at a tough challenge is just a bit too much.

Mario Tennis Aces is getting a substantial update today. Among the changes and additions being made is the option to finally retry a challenge from the pause menu. No more listening to Toad saying “you can do it, Mario!” a dozen different ways. Just pause and choose “retry.” Other notable additions include the option for a full six-game, one set match in Swing and Free Play modes. Many characters have also undergone changes in the name of balancing, so hopefully online play will no longer be dominated by the likes of Bowser Jr. and Waluigi.