Microsoft Claim Sea of Thieves Played by More Than Five Million Users

Rare’s pirate-themed, multiplayer adventure Sea of Thieves has been played by more than five million users since its launch last March, Microsoft announced earlier today, across both Xbox One & PC. As is so often the case, Microsoft didn’t relay any particular sales figures for the game and didn’t even specify how many of these players were those whom purchased the game on its own — compared to those who gained access to it via Xbox Game Pass.

Furthermore, the statistic becomes evermore skewed given there’s no indication on whether this grand total of over five million are those actively playing the game still or may in fact include those who merely tried it out briefly but were still counted in the figures. In Microsoft’s own words: “Our community has reached a new milestone of five million pirates that have played Sea of Thieves thus far.” The news comes on the same day as the release of Cursed Sails, Sea of Thieves’ second expansion/update which is free to all players.