Nintendo Switch Nears 20 Million Units Sold

Sony weren’t the only ones out speaking positively of their console’s sales figures today. In their latest three month earnings release ending June 30, Nintendo today confirmed that the Nintendo Switch has just about sold through a total of 20 million consoles in the seventeen month period it’s been available. Though down slightly from the same period of time three months prior, Nintendo still managed to sell 1.88 million consoles. To be precise, the Switch has thus far sold 19.67 million units with total software sales coming in at 86.93 million — working out at around four games owned/purchased per console.

As far as recent software releases goes, while 2018 has been a rather quieter affair for the Switch — following the surge of acclaimed titles, both first-party and third-party alike, last year — both Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze for Switch as well as Mario Tennis Aces still managed to pass the million mark, selling a total of 1.4 million and 1.38 million copies respectively. Nintendo Labo, combining all variants and packs in the series, total 1.39 million while Nintendo’s latest shipment of NES Classic’s continued to prove popular with a further 1.26 million units sold since June.

Interestingly, Nintendo commented on the fact that, following E3, sales of the Switch had “been trending upwards” across all regions. This despite the developer/publisher’s smaller roster of playable titles, via Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Pokemon Let’s Go!, making an appearance and releasing within the second half of 2018.