Sega Releases a Look into the Story of Shenmue I and II Ahead of Re-release

Fans have been waiting for many years to play Shenmue I and II on modern-day platforms, and we are mere weeks away from its release. Both Shenmue games will be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam – and now, Sega has teamed with the English-version actor of Ryo Hazuki to explain the story of the series. Both stories get a very brief rundown by Corey, and he uses his Ryo Hazuki voice for the narration. It’s a long and involved story, and the core game blends a life simulation with fighting, forklift racing, and of course, a game of lucky hit. Players on all platforms will be able to enjoy the games on August 21 – with console owners getting a physical release.