Evergarden Sprouting to Life With New Release Date Trailer

A good garden is a forever project.  No amount of planning will ever see it done just because there are so many different things that can be done to it.  It’s an endless process of rearranging the landscape, although admitted it might not be so endless if major changes could be updated more often than annually.  A puzzle-garden is much easier to manage in its way but no less endless in its possible configurations.  Evergarden is a relaxing puzzle set on a board of hexes (which is why it used to be Hexarden before its name change.  Seriously, check out that 2015 article to see how far it’s come along!) where you combine plants to form bigger plants, with the goal being to arrange the largest flowers in a particular pattern before running out of moves.  There’s a trick to it, of course, and the initial surface strategies are just the beginning as new gameplay wrinkles pop up.  The game is designed with a central campaign but also has an external set of puzzles to explore, with secrets and surprises waiting for those willing to put in the time to master its complexities.

Evergarden got a release date today, and it’s coming out August 16.  Give the trailer below a look and get ready to be strangely relaxed while your brain gets twisted up like a root ball looking for a way out of its planter.