R-Type Given New Life in One of a Kind Collector’s Edition

R-Type III and Super R-Type are considered some of the greatest spaceship shooters from the 16-bit era. Retro-Bit Publishing is releasing these two classic titles together in a limited edition 16-bit cartridge for play on SNES, Super Famicon and select Retro-Bit consoles. This collector’s set comes with a hard embossed collector’s box will come loaded with a full-color instruction manual featuring original artwork, R-Type branded notebook, exclusive sticker collection and an individually numbered certificate of authenticity, along with art prints by the world-renowned artist Paul “OtaKing” Johnson from his R-Type fan-inspired anime collection and a limited edition R-Type pin set. This collection will be limited to 2,900 units in North America and 2,800 in Europe. The first 1,000 units in each region will be on a galactic blue cartridge. The R-Type III & Super R-Type Collector’s Edition is currently available for pre-order and will retail for $59.99 when it begins shipping in late August.