The Sims 4 Latest Patch Fixes Things from Silly to Serious

In it’s latest patch The Sims 4 has gotten a pretty hefty fixer upper but mostly the latest Expansion pack ‘Seasons’ to smooth things out ranging from the plain bizarre to making sure Father Winter isn’t going clubbing in the middle of his gift dispersal.

One of the key notes at the top of the order for the more creative players is making sure the Gallery is running better than ever. With the latest patch the Gallery is designed around making sure the people creating are being seen and things are easier to find. Meaning you can follow favorite creators while downloading their works at the same time for ones’ own Sim needs.

The main meat of the patch is for Seasons with the following massive list of improvements, some of them are quite hilarious. Vampires in the sun? Sure. Father Winter slacking off due to clubbing? Not anymore. Getting into appropriate weather wear? Easier than ever.

  • The temperature in the Kiddie Pool is now consistent with other pools. Sims will get the “Uncomfortable Chilled” moodlet, but won’t immediately begin freezing to death.
  • Vampires are now protected from the Sun when using an umbrella, though it probably gives things away, wouldn’t you say, Vlad?
  • Decorations no longer clip through the rooftops when viewing a Lot in Free Camera mode.
  • Electronic objects will now function properly during the rain, assuming they are indoors and beneath a roof.
  • Sims will no longer freeze to death while playing basketball in cold weather. One could say that as a result of their skillful play, they’re on fire.
  • Father Winter has been banned from all Clubs and will no longer appear when adding Sims to a club. Seems Father Winter has been naughty.
  • Pets will no longer stretch bizarrely while Sims are opening presents.
  • The Sing Together… interaction is now available on the Kinara, Menorah, and Holiday Trees when a Holiday Tradition is active.
  • The Flower Bunny no longer appears on random holidays and events, which is good, because Flower Bunnying is a full time job and they were really slacking.
  • Sims with the Responsible Trait now have their Daily Tasks automatically completed for the Gardening Career. R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-L-E doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Sorry, Aretha.
  • Sims who die while skating now die like you’d expect them to die. There was some weirdness, but now there isn’t. Just good ‘ol standard death.
  • Sims were sometimes slipping indoors while walking TO a mud pile, which is silly. They now slip and fall like you’d expect.
  • Sims disturb their bees less frequently. We told them to buzz off.
  • Plants pollinated by bees will now evolve more quickly, which is how they bee better.
  • Facial hair now appears while the Hot and Cold Weather filters are active.
  • Banana, palm, and fern trees no longer drop leaves.
  • While using the randomize function with a mannequin you can now see Hot and Cold Weather options appear.
  • We fixed various typos in the Scouting Career. Apparently our Scouts didn’t earn the spelling merit badge…
  • Handiness Whims are now completed when Handy Sims work on the Sprinklers and Weather Controller.

These aren’t all the changes to The Sims 4 with the latest patch, but they are the most important. It’s usually a new piece of content (as always) that will bring with it the most bugs, but with consistent updates The Sims 4 has it covered and so do we.