Ysbryd Games to Unleash Retro RPG World of Horror in 2019

Yesterday we had a new trailer for The Sinking City, but why stop there when it comes to Lovecraft-inspired games? Ysbryd Games is now teaming up with Polish developers Panstasz to bring us World of Horror, an old-school descent into madness. This particular descent is an even larger ode to the works of Junji Ito, however, as well as an ode to classic black and white Macintosh games of the ’80s, which are some rather untapped wells in the indie scene.

Set in a quaint seaside Japanese town, the game sees you having to deal with the decreasing sanity of the locals by confronting the reawakening Old Gods and halting their apocalypse (so you know, no biggie). Combining roguelike elements, deck-building aspects, a branching narrative with multiple characters and horrifying mysteries to solve, it looks like a unique throwback.

Check out the announcement trailer for World of Horror and its unnerving action below, then begin waiting for it to hit the PC, Switch, and PS4 in 2019 (or check it out at PAX West, where it will be displayed):