Kickstarter Campaign Underway For Tales of the Neon Sea

Zodiac Interactive and developers Palm Pioneer made quite impact on us with Tales of the Neon Sea, whose demo earlier this year was quite colorful and creative, showcasing an intriguing world with a lot to explore. And now with over half of the game completed at this point, they’ve turned to Kickstarter to help get the funding they need for the final stretch of development, hoping to improve the game’s overall performance and raise further awareness of it.

We still don’t have more new info on the game’s plot, just that it involves a detective in a futuristic city tracking down an escaped killer from his past. The Kickstarter page does go into greater detail about various aspects such as a feline assistant that serves as a second playable character, though, as well as a look into the construction of labyrinthine areas and glimpses into various puzzles. It’s definitely worth checking out, and if the funding goal is met, stretch goals will be made to help bring Tales of the Neon Sea to other platforms beyond the PC, so feel free to chip in towards this colorful adventure if interested.