Oxenfree Gets Shiny Release from Limited Run Games

When Limited Run Games released Oxenfree on PS4 it was one of those “get it quick, whoops, too late!” launch days.  While that kind of ordering fever doesn’t hit quite so hard any more at the time it meant plenty of people who’d have liked a copy of the supernatural adventure were left without.  As in all Switch games and most PS4 releases nowadays, however, Oxenfree will be open pre-order and available for two weeks starting August 03 before being gone forever.  To entice those who either got it the first time or have just let the one and a half years since its last outing dull the excitement, the Switch version has a super-fancy holofoil cover with the art on the reverse getting the same shiny treatment.  That’s in addition to including a full-color booklet exclusive to this version.

While just the one game is releasing this week, last week saw Everspace: Galactic Edition come out for PS4 and its pre-order period still has a week left on the clock, as does Bastion on PS4 and Vita.  Thumper (PS4, Switch), on the other hand, has less than 24 hours left at the time of this writing, so it’s a good idea to get now while the getting’s good if you haven’t already.  As for next week, it’s the highly anticipated side-scrolling brawler Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds (PS4, Vita) and the FMV adventure Late Shift (PS4).  At the moment August looks to be pretty laid back, especially with Rabi-Ribi having gotten hit with a delay, but with changes and surprises showing up on a regular basis it’s hard to get too relaxed.