Bioware’s Casey Hudson Talks Anthem, Star Wars and Everything in Between

Keeping up with shop, Bioware put out a blog post going over everything from big-name Anthem to Star Wars and other popular titles. It’s a quick breakdown of everything that can be expected from Bioware in the future, keeping in touch with fans and the general public.

Of course, Anthem is first up, Bioware having now shown live demos to audiences to cheers and applause; a good sign. Anthem also cleaned house with over thirty awards from E3 including Best Action Game and Best PC Game. On the community front Anthem’s Executive Producer Mark Darrah has been hard at work answering questions full tilt on Twitter (so, any burning Anthem questions you know where to send them.)

In other areas of Bioware the team behind Star Wars: The Old Republic is still pushing out content with some exciting plans for later in the year including new features and surprises. While Star Wars will always have a fan-base people come to Bioware for other reasons too, such as Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Bioware is keeping their lips sealed but they also have this to say:

…rest assured that we have some teams hidden away working on some secret stuff that I think you’ll really like – we’re just not ready to talk about any of it for a little while…

All in all Bioware is happy with where they are at, looking to the future and all the exciting things they will be able to share with their fans and everyone else at large. Read the full blog post here while getting excited for whatever Bioware has coming down the pipe.