Dead Cells Gets a Killer Animated Launch Trailer

As titles such as Enter the Gungeon, Reigns: Her Majesty, and the recent Semblance have shown us, certain games somehow become more appealing when accompanied by an animated trailer. So with Motion Twin set to officially launch their white-hot roguelike metroidvania game Dead Cells in just four days from now, they’ve decided to take this route as well and have whipped up a spiffy 2D animated launch trailer, which you can naturally check out below.

Surprisingly, the trailer takes on a more humorous tone compared to what’s been presented from the game so far, focusing on the insanity of everything thrown at you. But it gets the game’s motto and message across quite clear: “Kill. Die. Learn. Repeat.” You will be dying often here, so you had best be prepared to learn from the various threats. Heck, those who put in the proper effort may indeed be able to take down cosmic horrors with kitchen utensils as well. Dead Cells hits all major platforms on August 7, and should definitely be one to pick up.