Death’s Gambit Deals Out a New Cinematic Trailer

In no way should we be limited to merely one epic trailer for a brutal, 2D, hi-bit metroidavia game this week. So to accompany Dead Cells’ new launch trailer, here’s Death’s Gambit with a new cinematic trailer as well. While it may feature a more limited bit of animation compared to its peer, it’s presentation is no less stunning. As usual, you can check out the trailer below and be wowed for yourself.

The new clip sees our immortal agent of Death conversing with what sounds like some antagonists, intercut with gameplay footage. As seen before, said footage contains shots of some of the rather imposing enemies you’ll be taking on. Succeed in defeating them, and the mysteries behind the land of Siradon and our hero themselves are unlocked. Death’s Gambit is set to come out on August 14 for PC and PS4, and is definitely one to look out for.