Final Fantasy VIII Meets Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Today

The latest crossover event for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius starts today. This event, a Final Fantasy VIII collaboration, will run until August 16. While the event is live, fans have the ability to join Final Fantasy VIII’s elite SeeD mercenary group in their ongoing quest to defeat powerful enemies and earn loot. Featured summons this time around include Squall, Rinoa and Zell. Starting on August 8, players will also be able to earn additional rewards by exploring a Final Fantasy VIII-themed dungeon.

The game has also undergone an update recently which allows certain characters to be upgraded to seven star status. These characters include: Lightning, Dark Knight Cecil, Luneth, Orlandeau, Gilgamesh, Olive, Dark Fina, Wilhelm, Marie, Ramza and Delita.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is available on Android and iOS devices.