Screenshot Saturday Featuring World of Horror, Starfallen, Many More

Screenshot Saturday, the magical time of the week when developers showcase little snippets of their games over Twitter with the #screenshotsaturday hashtag in a simple yet effective way to promote them. It’s also that magical time when the same developers begin to gear up for Gamescom and PAX West, and yet also the not-so-magical time when they have to work through sweltering heat and blistering suns to do so. In fact, I am actually still fighting off a sunburn as I write this (hence the slight delay, apologies), and thus would like to dive into things already so I can get back to the aloe vera, so let’s get on with the show already!

Felix the Reaper- Notably, the recent Summer weather has also seen what appears to be a change in locales for the screenshots featuring our favorite dancing reaper, shifting from snowy streets to a sunny, grassy day in a quaint medieval town. Granted, Felix’s presence here likely means a puzzle that triggers a gruesome death is about to go off, but him and us can appreciate such a fine day nonetheless.

Monsters and Monocles- Currently available in Early Access, what we have here is an old-school Victorian twin-stick shooter, where the goal is to blast away hordes of the occult. It all looks impressive, but I’m just more impressed by the map shots here, bringing back memories of seeing levels planned out in maps through features and guides in ’90s video game magazines. Good times…

Bad North- We’re not sure if Raw Fury is still in the middle of being overthrown by vikings, or if the guy in charge of the Twitter account simply forgot to update things (they have been a little slow on the attacks, just saying). Still, if they have been invaded, then at least the vikings know how to promote a strategy game amazingly well, as seen by the action-packed screenshot here. So maybe we’ll hold off on sending help for a slight while longer…

Starfallen- I honestly can’t believe this game has been in development for over four years and yet this is the first I’m hearing about it. The idea of a procedurally generated action game where you play as an engineer stranded on alien plaent who then gets mistaken for a god is a pretty cool concept, after all, and the alien world looks rather visually impressive, as seen here. Time to put this one on the (admittedly crowded) radar…

World of Horror- Wait, is that really a worm coming out their ear, of are all of these just otherworldly parasites and/or oversized maggots? This issue probably demands more research. Also, AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH plus a compliment towards the stellar use of early Mac aesthetics but mainly AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Bleak Sword- This game still continues to be as mysterious as ever, although judging by the water effects alone and the sweet blend of 2D and 3D, it’s obvious a ton of care is being poured into it. But will we ever get an explanation as to why our player character seemingly doesn’t have a head? Perhaps that’s why things seem so bleak to them.

Aftertile- Okay, it definitely seems like some liberties might be taken here when it comes to representing the mythical Barong (unless it’s just a name here), but then again, this is a game about a ridiculously adorable ghost assisting other spirits in the afterlife in what appears to be a clever 2D game, so you can’t really complain much.

Neo Cab- Is it weird to be impressed simply by a shot of a car making a turn? If it has impressive animation and a visually dazzling neon purple-tinted urban landscape, then no, it is not weird. And this isn’t even showing the dialogue in this mystery adventure, which is sure to be a treat.

El Hijo- Yes, you can make the obvious giggles about a young boy escaping religious figures that are hunting him all you’d like, but there’s no getting around the fact that this is still shaping up to be a stellar stealth game, from the sunset-kissed visuals to the simple yet effective gameplay. Indeed, another cool glimpse into this spaghetti Western world.

Rainswept- This one shot really doesn’t do the Twin Peaks/Dead Premonition vibes of this murder mystery justice (definitely check out the game’s Indiegogo campaign page for more of that), but it does provide a stellar landscape shot. Why do beautiful, quaint towns like these always seem to suddenly fall victim to bloody murder, dammit…

Good Company- A simulator about building corporate machinery and your own inventions, eventually starting from your garage and building your way up to a massive factory. Although it’s safe to say that you won’t get far if your employees keep going around in circles. Perhaps intervention via monkey wrench is needed, or a sudden coffee break?

Kynseed- Just a mock-up? This is just a mock-up? Because the developers should know that we will be greatly disappointed if this RPG doesn’t have an entire town populated and ruled over entirely by ordinary cats that we can somehow take quests from, like an Adventure Time episode. Sure, it might still be good regardless, but we all know the cats would make it better.

Hellscreen- When making an old-school ’90s FPS game, you have to ask the important questions, such as “Do we have enough gibs in this game for when our enemies get annihilated?” And the answer is, of course, “You can never have too many gibs.” I don’t even know what the gibs from a creature like that would be, I’m just glad they’re there.

Crazy Justice- Yes, yes, the obvious jokes and comparisons surrounding a third-person shooter with a heavy emphasis on crafting elements adopting a battle royale mode will no doubt be made. But damned if little moments of building skill like this still don’t showcase what will hopefully be one fun game that allows for as much craziness as its title suggests.

Xeno Crisis- So the only reason this twin-stick Mega Drive shooter is participating in Screenshot Saturday is basically “Why the hell not?”…eh, I still approve. After all, any excuse to show of more of its 16-bit glory is a damn good excuse!