Titans Clash in Latest Pokémon TCG Expansion, Celestial Storm

Legendary Pokémon from across generations are going up against Ultra Beasts in the ultimate showdown. Clashing against one another with such power could change the course of history. Celestial Storm will see these collisions take place as part of the latest Pokémon TCG expansion.

There are over 160 new cards for trainers to check out. GX cards of Articuno, Rayquaza and Stakataka can be found. Others such as Latios, Latias and Jirachi get their own Prism Star cards. You can find some of these in booster packs, themed decks and the Elite Trainer Box. Learn more about Celestial Storm on the official website.

View the launch trailer for the cards below. Stay tuned for our coverage of some of the cards from this set coming soon!