Stern Unveils Deadpool Pinball

Deadpool has been one of Marvel’s most popular characters for a while now, long before the Ryan Reynolds supercharged the character with two incredible movies.  There aren’t many months where Deadpool doesn’t have a ridiculous number of issues with his name or appearance on it, to the point that tracking the continuity and knowing which are part of Marvel canon and which aren’t is best left to only the most dedicated fans.  What that means is that the plot of the Deadpool pinball Stern showed off today has every bit as much chance of fitting in to a current series as any random comic pulled from the weekly release list, which is somehow fitting for Marvel’s most anarchic character.

The new table is shown off both in a video (below) and through an extensive photo gallery at Stern’s Facebook page.  Deadpool is covered in a riot of art from Zombie Yeti, who’s on his third machine after Ghostbusters and Iron Maiden.  It’s all very comic-book and looks to be a general-audience PG-13 rather than the hard-R of the movies or the comics equivalent, but there’s a lot of fun touches to make up for the toned-down attitude.  The most obvious ones are a bobblehead Deadpool and the sword-shaped rail on the right, but you can’t go wrong with a 1970s-style Dazzler figure or the disco ball just above her.  Underneath all the table-toys and color, though, it looks to be a fairly clean layout, with two major ramp shots, three sets of drop targets, and a handful of other lanes and holes to aim for.  “Clean” isn’t the same as “simple”, however, and it should be fun to see how the game acts in motion.

Deadpool is being released in three versions- Pro, Premium, and Limited.  Pro is the low end, missing two sets of drop targets and most of the table toys, Premium is the full version, and Limited has a number of fancy cosmetic extras.  Check out the trailer below to see it in action.