The King’s Bird Getting Ready to Soar with New Launch Trailer

The pure freedom of flight is nice if you can manage it, but soaring still beats walking.  The King’s Bird is a beautiful precision platformer set in a silhouetted world where the only means of surviving the spikes and pits on the road to freedom is careful handling of momentum.  Run and jump to clear spike-lined passages and then use the speed that’s built up to glide through huge open areas in search of the exit.  Each level is at least as much about air-time as it is platforming, like a magical storybook fusion of Super Meat Boy and Nights Into Dreams.

The King’s Bird looked to be an incredible ride when I got to play it back at PAX East, with my only regret being a desire for more practice to play better.  That’s about to be taken care of soon, though, thanks to the pending release announced today.  The King’s Bird is landing on Steam on August 23 and the launch trailer below has all the details.  Give it a look and get ready to soar, although probably straight into a wall of jagged spikes for the first few attempts.  While the game is designed to be accessible to multiple levels of skill that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy.