Freedom Planet Speeds onto Switch This August

Sonic Mania Plus is an excellent game that fully delivers the classic Sonic experience. Fans of such games have their choice of a few similar games on PC and PS4, but Switch owners don’t have such luxury. That’s about to change though. On August 30, Freedom Planet arrives on the system to fill the Sonic shaped void that many fans have surely developed by now.

Freedom Planet is by no means a new game, but it’s perhaps the best non-Sonic game to attempt the Sonic the classic Sonic formula. Players play as any of three characters as they blast, jump and sprint their way through complex stages. There’s also a story campaign complete with cutscenes and voice-acting, but its not the highlight one would hope it would be. For our full thought on Freedom Planet, take a couple minutes and check out our review. Otherwise, it’s a pretty solid choice for classic Sonic fans.

Freedom Planet is already available for PC and PS4. It launches for the Switch on August 30.