Nintendo Online Reveals More Subscription Features

The Nintendo Switch has been teasing online services even before its official launch. At this point in video game history, online play has become a staple for most gamers. Services like PS Plus and Xbox Live offer online experiences with added perks like discounts and free games every month. Now, Nintendo has revealed even more details about what comes bundled with its own online subscription.

Up until this point, online play has been free for Nintendo Switch users. Come the latter half of September, Nintendo will start implementing its online services for the Switch. There are four different subscription types for players. One month subscriptions start at $3.99, with three months at $7.99 and a year membership for $19.99. There is even a family plan available for users to add up to seven other players onto their main account for $34.99 a year. While pay to play has already been established among other consoles, Nintendo’s online services prove to be the most budget friendly so far.

Online services will allow players to compete against each other in online games, like ARMS, Mario Kart 8 and Mario Tennis. In case a system is lost and a new one must be used, Save Data Cloud Backup will be included as an easy way to upload users’ progress and retrieve it. Paid subscribers will also be able to choose from a library of classic NES titles that have been updated for online play. As of now, Nintendo confirms twenty titles will be available, with specific ones ranging from Super Mario Bros to Legend of Zelda.

To enhance online services, Nintendo will also launch a Switch smartphone app that allows users to manage an Online Lounge where they can send and receive invitations for compatible games. Invites will pop up immediately on the app via push notifications. Once connected, users are able to chat openly with friends in the lobby and during online gameplay. Nintendo also promises that the app will allow users to receive special offers. More details about the mobile app and the actual release date for Nintendo Online will be revealed closer to the release date in September.