Necrobarista Looks Just As Intriguing, As Caffeinated in New Trailer

While it is somewhat of a shame that we won’t get to experience Route 59’s intriguing and unique take on the visual novel genre with their upcoming Necrobarista — the game, having previously been slated for a release at some point this year, now pushed back into Early 2019 — as a conciliation, we did get a new trailer today which further highlights the distinct cel-shaded art-style and aesthetic that has been but one of many reasons why we’ve been keeping a close eye on this upcoming release for some time.

For anyone not in the know, Necrobarista centers around a supernatural Melbourne-based cafe wherein the dead return, albeit briefly and for one night only, to mingle with the living over something as simple as cup of coffee and perhaps partake in some friendly conversation along the way. Unlike most visual novels — instead veering closer to more contemporary adventure games — Necrobarista uses the flair of its sharp visuals to translate that across into gameplay, namely conversation options and the means at which players can briefly explore and interact with the environments on show. Despite our time being brief and though we may only be getting a vague non-gameplay trailer here, Necrobarista continues to draw us in. The game will release across PS4, Switch & PC. Check out the new trailer below.