Open-world RPG Outward Asks You to Embrace The Adventurer Inside

Developers Nine Dots Studio and Deep Silver have unveiled a bit more of their latest project Outward, an open-world Action RPG in which the player is in fact, as the press release describes: “not chosen by a prophecy” or any of that nonsense. Instead, you adventure across the plains of Outward’s vast world, gaining experience along the way, whilst incorporating both physical and magic-based skills to survive.

While details are thin on any story-based or narrative reasoning for the slew of monsters and antagonistic creatures present in the world — which crop up from time to time during the game’s official announcement trailer, which you can view below — it’s confirmed that the game can be played either solo or with a friend, via local/split-screen co-op or online. Nine Dots Studio had previously attempted to gain funding for the game back in 2015 but sadly failed to meet their target with only a third of the goal reached, before said campaign was cancelled.

However it would appear Maximum Games have stepped in to offer publishing support and as a result, the game even has a release date to coincide with its reintroduction. Outward will be available for PS4, Xbox One & PC on February 12.