Patrick Söderlund Departs EA

EA CEO Andrew Wilson today announced the departure of Chief Design Officer Patrick Söderlund.

Patrick Söderlund had been an EA staple since they acquired DICE. The former CEO of the Swedish developer, Söderlund quickly found himself in an executive role at EA. Most recently, Söderlund was part of EA’s cleanup crew following the Star Wars Battlefront II backlash. Now, he’s moving on from the company.

“Today we are announcing that Patrick Söderlund has made the decision to move on from EA,” CEO Andrew Wilson said in a statement. “After nearly two decades as a pioneer for our company and industry, he will begin a new chapter later this year.”

No word yet on why Söderlund left the publisher, or what he’ll do next. Söderlund won’t leave immediately, but begins the process of transitioning duties to other employees. The process is expected to take about about three months.

Söderlund’s departure comes as EA attempts to bounce back from the intense backlash caused by Star Wars Battlefront II, FIFA 18, and the publisher’s microtransaction policies. EA hopes to put that all behind them with the upcoming releases of FIFA 19, Battlefield V, and Anthem. Hopefully, the publisher can do right by those titles.