State of Mind and Graveyard Keeper Now Available on GOG

It’s been a big week of releases for GOG, and that continues with today’s two new ones. State of Mind offers up an in-depth sci-fi thriller with lush graphics and a deep narrative. In Berlin in 2048, the world has a lack of resources and robots have replaced humans in the public sector. A man named Richard Nolan is one of the few who criticize this new world, and winds up with his family missing. What unfolds sets out to question notions and raise questions about the world.

Graveyard Keeper is another day one release that is hitting GOG as well, and combines a few different genres together. It’s a macabre game in a way, but combines management simulation with a graveyard and resource management. There are ethical choices as well – such as using actual burgers for a festival or just using the…natural resources around you? You can also blend ingredients to try things on your neighbors, go on quests, or simply earn money by selling ground up bodies to a butcher. State of Mind will set you back $29.99, while Graveyard Keeper is $19.99