Unleash Power in Pokémon TCG Decks with Celestial Storm

There have always been strong and epic Pokémon throughout the video games. Some put up quite the challenge and you feel like there is no way of winning. Those feelings and situations translate directly over to the trading card game. Now, a new wave of Pokémon are about to clash in the Celestial Storm series.

The Celestial Storm set released not too long ago so this may be a fresh look at some things for you fans. In addition to that, we also break down an item from the Forbidden Light series that came along as well. There are some fantastic additions to the Pokémon TCG with both expansions, so let’s dive right into the eye of the storm!

First up we have the Hydro Fury and Leaf Charge themed decks. They both feature Hoenn starters Swampert and Sceptile which is great for older fans if they like Mudkips. Hydro Fury doesn’t have as much variety going with plenty of Water-types of course, but there are only two Fire and four Normal Pokémon. Heavy on the water means opponents will already have some advantage, but they aren’t all weak to Grass and Electric; some are weak to Steel which could give you a nice surprise. Leaf Charge has that mix of Grass and Electric though and they are weak to the previous Fire-types. Both decks come with an Abomasnow card but it will be a Water-type in Hydro Fury and Grass-type in Leaf Charge. They require different energy but still deal heavy damage. Pokémon did a great job balancing the two decks when it comes to type advantages.

Some of the other highlighted cards are Swampert from Hydro Fury. It can allow you to discard hand cards and take three news ones. It unleashes Hydro Pump which can be used with any three energy cards and inflict 80 damage but adding Water energy increases by 20 for each one. It’s devastating and versatile. Slugma and Magcargo are the Fire-types in the deck. Slugma can deal 10 damage with any energy and prevents opponents from retreating which can be great if encountering a Grass-type. Once evolved, Magcargo deals 50 damage with an easy combination of Fire and any energy but it can also allow you to search a card in your deck and place it on top. Though the fire isn’t roaring, they will help a slow burn with your strategy. Leaf Charge features Sceptile which on the surface may not feel like a threat, but can wreak havoc if correctly built. If Sceptile is in play and any of your Pokémon have Grass energy attached, an opponent’s Ultra Beast cannot hurt them.

For attacking, Sceptile only needs one energy for Powerful Storm and deals 20 damage times the amount of any energy attached to all your team. If you are spending time building up another Pokémon on the bench, you can send Sceptile in there for a quick sweep. Electrike and Manectric offer a bit of zing to the deck. Electrike delivers a strong 20 damage for only having 50 HP. Once evolved, Manectric can help set up some cool moves. It requires one Electric energy to attack with 40 damage but you may attach two energy cards to a benched Pokémon every time it’s used. This is a great combination for Sceptile’s Powerful Storm.

Now, we get to check out the Forbidden Light Elite Trainer Box. These items are similar to ones before them so there isn’t always room for something new, but they make for great gifts and are perfect for collectors or hardcore players. Inside are eight Booster Packs which could contain super rare cards and powerful Pokémon. A damage dice and coin are required for certain moves so having them included is helpful. The cool part are the themed card sleeves and GX marker to keep with the Forbidden Light motif. Ultra Necrozma is prominently featured which may strike fear into your opponents. Other goodies are thrown in as well as an online code to play with everything in here against players around the world. Picking up the Forbidden Light Elite Trainer Box shows your dedication and means you take the TCG seriously.

Everything in this article is going to get you on the path to victory. Start out with a themed deck to get the basics and earn small victories. Then, start getting bigger with the Elite Trainer Box to unleash powerful strategies. Your opponents will get lost in the storm as each attack rains down. Check back here for more coverage of Pokémon and the Pokémon TCG.