Chucklefish to Publish Dark, Atmospheric Puzzle Platformer Inmost

In developing and publishing titles such as Eastward, WarGroove, and Pathway, Chucklefish have established themselves as an integral part of the hi-bit retro indie scene. And today, the team added yet another feather to their cap in the form of Inmost, from Hidden Layer Games. An atmospheric, horror-tinged puzzle-platformer, the announcement trailer below showcases a rather mysterious and intriguing world for players to visit.

Taking place in an abandoned castle, the game sees you playing as three different protagonists across an interconnected story. As seen in the clip below, some are seasoned adventurers, and others…less so. There’s no detailed plot synopsis right now, but the game is described as a tale of suffering, sacrifice, and family. And extremely creepy, shadowy figures, of course. Top everything off with an amazing use of semi-monochrome color schemes, and you have a potential platforming hit on your hands. No release window exists yet, but stay tuned for more information leading up to the eventual PC release for Inmost. Furthermore, Chucklefish is bringing Inmost to EGX (along with the three previously mentioned games) next month for all to see. Needless to say, those attending should not miss out on it.