New F1 2018 Trailer Shows Off Realism of the Sport

Codemasters has released a new pre-launch trailer for F1 2018. This video shows amazing cinematography and gameplay as it shows off the realism that the game will bring to the table. “We are trying to get as close to the real world sport as possible in terms of visuals, simulation and the surroundings which make F1 such an incredible spectacle,” commented F1 2018 Game Director, Lee Mather. “We have an excellent relationship with F1 and the teams which is really bearing fruit and helping to improve the game in all areas.” F1 2018 will feature all teams and drivers from the current 2018 season as it releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on August 24. Our review of the game will be up on Friday. As for now, check out the trailer below.